Dr. Kenneth Hughes, Los Angeles plastic surgeon and BBL expert, has performed thousands of BBLs or Brazilian buttlifts and thousands of BBL revisions.  However, butt contour improvement surgery is so much more than BBL.   A Brazilian buttlift or BBL involves transferring liposuctioned fat to the buttocks and hips to improve the buttock projection, roundness, and the hourglass figure.  Not everything can be optimized with fat transfer procedures alone.  Sometimes there are inadequate fat reserves and butt implants are the only viable option available.  Silicone should not be used to augment the buttocks due to the adverse complication profile.  So what is left?

Certainly, small volumes of filler like Sculptra can be used to improve small areas of irregularity in the butt and hips, but this technique lacks the power of others.  Dr. Kenneth Hughes is often asked to perform surgeries to improve the skin envelope of the buttocks when the BBL and butt implants have fallen short.  Dr. Kenneth Hughes also performs two major butt shaping procedures in addition to BBL.  One is the inferior buttlift, to be discussed elsewhere, which removes the sagging skin at the bottom of the buttocks or the posterior thighs.  The other procedure is the conventional buttlift.  This procedure involves tightening the skin of the butt and improving the shape by removing the skin through an incision at the top of the buttocks.  It is the same incision that is used for lower posterior body lift or lower body lift.  This incision frames the buttocks and should be rounded to make the scar more appealing after it heals.

The conventional buttlift has some other advantages as well.  The conventional buttlift can be used to remove cellulite and other irregularities associated with the surface of the buttocks.  These cellulite components can be released during the dissection to allow for a much smoother redrape.  Thus, the conventional buttlift can remove and tighten skin and help smooth the existing skin.  Finally, the conventional buttlift can be used to remove dead fat or fat necrosis as well as silicone, biopolymers, hydrogel, and PMMA, Thus, it is a powerful tool that can be used in addition to the fat transfer and BBL procedures and butt implants.

Dr. Kenneth Hughes, buttlift expert in Los Angeles, presents conventional buttlift with silicone removal video

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