The inferior buttlift is a plastic surgery procedure that involves an incision in the gluteal fold (the line underneath the butt) that is used to remove loose skin from the inferior butt and posterior thighs.  This procedure can improve a droopy butt, saggy skin on the back of the thighs, and cellulite in both of these areas.  In addition, the inferior buttlift incision can be used as an access point to remove dead fat (fat necrosis) and foreign materials such as silicone, hydrogel, biopolymers, and PMMA.

Dr. Kenneth Hughes, Harvard-trained, Board-Certified Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon, has performed hundreds of these buttlift procedures.  Some of these patients have loose skin at the bottom of the butt or the back of the thighs. Some of these patients have a butt that is too long.  Patients may have a butt that is not smooth (with dents) or may be concerned about cellulite on the butt or the posterior thighs.  This procedure can be combined with fat transfer procedures (BBL) or butt implant procedures or conventional buttlift procedures.

The inferior butt lift is a procedure that Dr. Kenneth Hughes performs at least once a week. Many patients come from all over the world to receive the expertise of Dr. Kenneth Benjamin Hughes. Dr. Hughes can remove over 6 inches of skin in some patients with this procedure.  That is a real-life changing procedure for those patients.  Dr. Kenneth Hughes has also used this procedure in liposuction revision procedures to restore the gluteal contours and the leg-butt interface.

Inferior Buttlift with Silicone Removal Video with Dr. Kenneth Hughes


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