What is the ideal butt aesthetic?  The answer, of course, to that question is whatever the patient thinks is the ideal.  Some patients think that Dr. Kenneth Hughes has a preference or a type of buttock or shape that he produces or prefers.  However, Dr. Hughes has no preferred aesthetic and tries to get the patient as close to the buttock aesthetic that he or she desires.

Sometimes patient want more hips with as small a waist as possible with as much butt projection as possible.  Some patients want a rounder butt with less projection and less hip to create a more athletic look.  Then there are all of those butts in between.  The truth of the matter is that a more conservative result is easier to achieve and will, by its very nature, have fewer complications and an easier healing process.  However, most patients do not want to only look slightly different.  Most patients want significant change in overall body and butt shape and size.  In fact, the most difficult patients are those who think they look a certain way in the mirror and are actually so fat away from their goals that the goal can never be achieved given their starting point.  These individuals must either agree to have realistic expectations or not have the surgery.  Otherwise, the postoperative period and any relationship with the patient is sure to met with disaster.

Dr. Kenneth Hughes endeavors to get the best Brazilian buttlift or BBL results for his patients and he does achieve these high standards, but the patient must have expectations that can be met to move forward with surgery.

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