Dr. Kenneth Hughes has used sutures or threads for hundreds of various cosmetic and reconstructive procedures.  Various suture or thread materials have been promulgated as potential lifting elements for tissue rejuvenation.  The facial thread lifts were introduced about 30 years ago and various versions with barbs or knots or cones have been utilized to accomplish a lifted result.  Dr. Kenneth Hughes would assert that a facelift is more than just repositioning tissue or lifting tissue with a thread.

Anything lifted with a thread causes bunching of tissue and the necessity for either camouflaging the bunching or removing the bunching.  How does one remove the bunching?  When the skin bunches, the skin must be removed.  Thus, therein lies the reason for the lack of popularity of the threadlift for facial rejuvenation despite its evolution over 30 years.  Threads or sutures can be used for much smaller degrees of improvement as in a subtle browlift or cheeklift, but threadlifts will never be able to generate significant improvement through translocation without inevitable distortion.

Now onto thread lifts for butt lifting.  For the face, the lifted element of the face is small in weight and surface area, and thus the thread is more successful at lifting the targeted tissue.  For the butt, the target is much larger and weighs much more.  As a result, the failure rate for a threadlift of the butt is much, much higher.  The threadlift will also do nothing to augment the buttock, and threadlift should not be offered as a form of augmentation.  Whatever minimal lift the thread lift or threads lift can generate will be short-lived and insignificant or deforming.  The thread will either break due to intrinsic weakness or shred the tissue if the threads are extremely strong during movement and due to the effects of gravity.  Finally, the threads can be sources for infection which may require surgical excision and may potentially involve much greater scarring.

Once again, any significant lift for the butt will have to occur from fat transfer, butt implants, or skin excisional procedures like a conventional buttlift or inferior buttlift.

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