Dr. Kenneth Hughes, Harvard-trained, Board-Certified Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon, sees a large number of patients have loose skin at the bottom of the butt or the back of the thighs. Some of these patients also have a butt that is too long.  Patients have have a butt that is not smooth, patients may be concerned about cellulite on the butt or the posterior thighs.

The inferior butt lift or posterior thigh lift is a procedure Dr. Kenneth Hughes performs at least once a week. Many patients travel a great distance as this procedure is uncommonly performed and is even more uncommonly performed well. Dr. Hughes makes an incision in the natural gluteal fold (the line under each buttock) and he is able to take several inches (7 cm) or more from the inferior buttocks, and another several inches (7 cm) from the posterior thigh. This procedure can produce dramatic improvement in butt shape and smoothness as well as skin laxity and the appearance of cellulite.  In addition, Dr. Kenneth Hughes has used this same incision to remove skin and restore shape after removing fat necrosis (dead fat), silicone, hydrogel, and PMMA injections.  Dr. Hughes has also used this procedure after liposuction gone wrong to restore the gluteal contours and the leg-butt interface.  Finally, Dr. Hughes utilizes this procedure to correct the skin or dents in the butt after butt implant surgery performed elsewhere.

In addition, some patients have an anatomic variant in which they have two large pockets of fat near the crack of the butt at the bottom of the butt.  This prevents the butt from being round after Brazilian buttlift  or butt implants.  The inferior butt lift is the only procedure capable of rectifying this variant and restore a youthful and round butt contour.


Please view several videos of the inferior buttock lift on Dr. Kenneth Hughes’s you tube channel.

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