The Google bug as it has been called on August 10th affected many plastic surgery sites and had many plastic surgeons worried.  Google claims to have the bug fixed.  Sadly this is not the case.  Dr. Kenneth Hughes keeps real-time copies of search results to monitor google index volatility over time.  Though much of the absurd paid for websites, spam, and nonsense at the top of the rankings from August 10th have been rectified and dumped, some websites remain.  Some relatively worthless sites continue to garner artificially inflated rankings while much more substantial web sites like remain lower.  I think that most people realize that Google algorithm changes or updates or bugs are largely the result of a google agenda that rewards particularly leftist agendas.  For instance, complaint sites full of trash from con-artists rise to the top while other lame individuals continue to perpetuate lies in the public sphere.  Plastic surgery websites should rank highly based upon level of detail, breadth of experience, and quality of work presented.  However, that is hardly ever the case.  Absolutely dreadful regurgitated garbage that is outdated, untrue, or oversimplified dominates some of these higher rankings.  If one with marginal brain activity can generate these websites and google rewards it, then certainly the google bug remains.

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