As an author of fat grafting literature and recognized expert in liposuction and Brazilian buttlifts, Dr. Kenneth Hughes has an obligation to provide perspective on current fat grafting techniques.  In addition, Dr. Hughes of Hughes Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles has performed thousands of liposuction and Brazilian buttlift or BBL procedures.  Therefore, Dr. Hughes has expert technical and intellectual knowledge that may be helpful to understanding the practical matters as well as intellectual matters involved.

Recent scientific literature has shown that samples of liposuctioned fat contain stem cells, which can be isolated.  Various areas of the body appear to have different numbers of stem cells present in the fat.  The presence of these stem cells may explain the observation that the fat transfer can improve the appearance of certain tissue areas that have been damaged by trauma or aging.  These observations are largely anecdotal.


From these discoveries, certain individuals have promulgated theories that augmentation of the stem cells can improve the results in a fat transfer.  They hypothesize improvement in the area by two methods by virtue of stem cell transfer : 1) improvement in more youthful features of the skin and tissue by stem cell induction  and 2) greater fat yields in the fat transfer process used for augmentation of butt, breasts, and other areas.  There is no evidence to suggest that artificially augmented stem cells will improve outcomes.  In addition, there is no data to suggest that this is even necessarily safe.


There is also no data to suggest that the stem cells improve autologous fat transfer yields or fat transfer survival rates.  Thus, leaders in fat grafting focus on preservation of the fat cell integrity and appropriate injection techniques rather than stem cell manipulation.  Finally, those wanting greater fat grafting yields should focus on postoperative recovery and nutrition in addition to the methods employed during the surgery by the plastic surgeon.

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