Dr. Kenneth Hughes, Los Angeles plastic surgeon, encounters thousands of potential patients through email, skype, and in person.  A significant percentage of those patients fail to consider how important the skill of the plastic surgeon in liposuction.  Patients should not only be asking whether the plastic surgeon is a Brazilian buttlift or BBL expert but they should also be asking if the plastic surgeon is an expert at liposuction as well.

Dr. Kenneth Hughes has literally seen thousands of patients who have already had liposuction or Brazilian buttlifts in the past by other surgeons.   These patients come to see Dr. Hughes to correct, fix, or improve the results from previous surgeries.  The reality is that liposuction should create pleasing contours with smooth transitions.  Dents, divots, and abnormalities are incredibly difficult to address and improving and fixing them requires rare talent that few plastic surgeons possess.

Liposuction should remove as much fat as is necessary to create the best possible result for a given patient’s anatomy.  Results will certainly vary tremendously based upon the individual, but a liposuction expert can get the most out of a given physique and help avoid the dents, divots, and lumps.

Some patients may have an open mind when it comes to surgery.  Others are very myopic and have reviewed the procedure and the surgeons so much that their viewpoints are largely entrenched and may be immutable.  However, those immutable ones should exercise caution in utilizing this approach as there are plastic surgeons who are infinitely better at analyzing physiques and generating results.

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