The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has kept small businesses closed for 2 months including plastic surgery businesses.  Dr. Kenneth Hughes in conjunction with surgeons in the Beverly Hills and Los Angeles areas as well as anesthesiologists and other decision makers have decided to open in a few days.  Dr. Kenneth Hughes will wait one more week until May 15th despite other small businesses opening this week.  This is merely to be cautious and to hopefully allow more people and perhaps more patients to be tested.  This may or may not be feasible given the obvious obstacles for testing.  All patients of Dr. Kenneth Hughes will be asked to get tested for the COVID-19 virus prior to surgery and then self isolate prior to surgery.  This may or may not occur, but all patients will be screened prior to surgery for the virus.  Patients will be surveyed about symptoms such as fever or exposure to those who may have been ill.  No patients will be allowed in the surgery center who have any positive answers to these questions.

Though there will always be a possibility for a patient to contract the virus, it will not occur at the surgery center.  Special viral filters have been ordered for the new ventilators to prevent virus from disseminating.  The virus will be trapped by this filter.  In addition, masks and eyewear will be worn by all staff members to prevent the spread.  The main concern is the asymptomatic patient exhaling viral particles into the air.  All protective wear will be enforced at all times, but the patient who has surgery is infinitely more likely to contract the virus before or after surgery than during surgery.

Dr. Kenneth Hughes encourages all patients to be extremely meticulous before and after surgery in their interactions with others and their cleaning practices and social distancing measures and the personal protective equipment wear.  Dr. Kenneth Hughes will perform all of the usual surgeries including BBL, butt augmentation, butt implants, mommy makeover, tummy tuck, liposuction, silicone removal, Brazilian buttlift, Bodytite, breast fat transfer, rhinoplasty, facelift, and necklift, eyelid surgery, etc.

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