Dr. Kenneth Hughes, Los Angeles plastic surgeon, has seen many cellulite improvement technologies come and go over the last decade. These technologies may offer some improvement, but many patients are still not satisfied with the improvement in cellulite.

Dr. Kenneth Hughes has performed thousands of butt augmentation procedures with both BBLs or Brazilian buttlifts and butt implants.  The Brazilian buttlift involves the transfer of one’s own fat to the butt, and the butt implant procedure involves placement of solid silicone implants within the muscle of the butt.  Though these two methods can provide significant improvement in buttock shape, contour, and projection, the quality of the skin can be very difficult to improve with these two methods alone.

Many patients who come to see Dr. Kenneth Hughes in Los Angeles may be under the impression that fat transfer or Sculptra or some other filler can improve dents or cellulite.  Cellulite is a unique entity that results from tethering of the skin to the underlying tissues.  The only satisfactory treatment for cellulite is to completely release these tethering elements from the overlying skin.  When performed correctly, the improvement is immediate and obvious.  However, incomplete release and poor healing can result in suboptimal correction.  Fat grafting in very small quantities can prevent reattachment at the same points and create a buffer for the return of cellulite.  These patients must be watched carefully in the postoperative period to guard against fluid collections, which can worsen results and obscure the improvements made during the surgery.

Dr. Kenneth Hughes employs a variety of techniques to optimize the appearance of dents and cellulite on the butt. The technique presented previously is but one method of cellulite improvement, but different cases may justify a different approach.

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