Dr. Kenneth Hughes, Harvard-trained, board-certified plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, gives his patients the highest probability of success with his liposuction and Brazilian buttlift procedures.  However, he is not a magician and cannot obviate or circumvent scientific principles or laws of physics.  Starting patient anatomy dictates a great deal of the possibilities for improvement and ultimately the final result.  In addition, healing of each individual is unique and is responsible for a good portion of the result as well.

As a surgeon, the best that a plastic surgeon can do is liposuction as much fat as possible and liposuction the tissues as smoothly as possible.  Nothing more can be done.  The musculoskeletal system is not altered.  The size of the waist and the rib cage remains the same.  The bony prominence of the hips remains the same.  The skin is not improved with liposuction alone.  In fact, liposuction should make the skin worse as a volumetric reduction of the underlying fat should produce a less turgid skin envelope.

With regard to the fat transfer, a patient who has preexisting dents in the buttocks has a restrictive component to skin envelope that will not be rectified by fat transfer alone.  In addition, small buttocks or small hips will only expand so much with fat transfer.  These areas are typically smaller prior to surgery due to some restriction due to genetics or trauma.  These restrictive nature limits the results to some extent, but there is a wide range of variability among the patient population.

Patients must have realistic expectations for these reasons.  Dr. Kenneth Hughes tells patients exactly how it will be.  Goal pictures presented by patients are evaluated and told if they are realistic or not.  Dr. Hughes turns down a large percentage of patients based upon unrealistic expectations.  It is far better to cancel the surgery than to listen to endless complaining from an unreasonable patient.

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