Dr. Kenneth Hughes, Los Angeles plastic surgeon, is asked this question at least a dozen times a week.  It is very common among patients to have dimples or dents on the butt or hips.  Patients want a smooth contour free of such dents of dimples.  However, fat transfer to the buttocks or Brazilian buttlift or BBL is not really capable of significantly altering such anatomical issues.  Why?

The good news is that, except in cases of fat necrosis or infection or fluid collection, fat transfer procedures do not make dents or dimples worse.  In fact, the fat transfer procedure, if done in a very even and purposeful manner, can slightly improve these areas.  However, it is not a true treatment for most and the improvement is not substantial in most.  The reason for this is that many of these dimples are largely produced buy underlying connective tissue tendrils, which restrict the expansion of the skin at that point.  Whether this is called cellulite or not is really immaterial as it has the same problem at its rudiments.

Without stripping or freeing these tendrils, the restrictive nature at that point on the skin cannot really be expected to improve.  Dr. Kenneth Hughes uses a special technique to free these tendrils for significant improvement.  However, one should remember that by removing these tendrils and empty space is created and no significant amount of fat can be expected to be retained.  Secondly, the blood supply in the area is disrupted in this area which can lead to more fluid collections and fat necrosis.  So while the cellulite aspects can be improved with this technique, any significant transfer or BBL or Brazilian buttlift cannot be done at the same time.

When considering butt augmentation or improvement in buttock smoothness, search out an expert in the field like Dr. Kenneth Hughes.

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