Dr. Kenneth Hughes in Los Angeles sees a great variety of post-traumatic deformities for which he creates a reconstructive surgery plan.  No one strategy or approach is effective for every individual or every deformity.  Many of these deformities are the result of fat necrosis, which is a technical term applied to fat tissue that dies as a result of lack of blood supply.  Many times the blood supply is reduced by traumatic impact to an area that causes the blood vessel to tear or clot.  Without the blood supply, the cells die and the tissue becomes hardened and calcified.  Sometimes this tissue is removed by the body’s scavenging system and the result is a loss of tissue or a dent.  Sometimes, the dead tissue remains as what is called fat necrosis.  This block of dead tissue is hard, can cause significant deformity, and can cause pain or distress for the patient.

Dr. Kenneth Hughes removes this dead fat through an incision.  The density of the dead fat prevents liposuction of the dead fat.  In fact, liposuction only serves to liposuction the healthy fat out of the area without removing any of the dead fat.   Fat transfer or implant (like butt implants) may be appropriate in the future depending upon the size and depth of the defect.  Dr. Kenneth Hughes in Los Angeles limits the dissection and excision of the dead fat and keeps the living tissue intact to every extent possible.  This careful dissection leads to less deformity and less need for massive reconstructive efforts by Dr. Hughes.

Fat necrosis or fat death can result from fat transfer procedures as well such as the Brazilian buttlift or breast fat transfer or facial fat transfer.  Essentially, any fat transfer can lead to dead fat or fat necrosis.  The same principles for removal of fat necrosis apply, and the dead fat is directly excised or cut out with as small an incision as possible.  The healthy tissue surrounding the dead tissue is preserved to every extent possible.

The methods of reconstruction can vary, and Dr. Kenneth Hughes offers all of these reconstructive options.  Fat can be transferred to residual defects.  Sometimes tissue from adjacent areas can be rotated or moved into the area of the defect.  These flaps can be very useful in contouring an area.  Sometimes implants like butt implants can be placed to improve defects, though this may not be ideal.

Dr. Kenneth Hughes is a true expert in this type of surgery, and patients should realize that Dr. Hughes achieves results that others cannot achieve.  Dr. Kenneth Hughes also uses similar principles of removal and reconstruction for patients who have had illegal injections of silicone, PMMA, biopolymer, and hydrogel.

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