Dr. Kenneth Hughes, board-certified, Harvard-educated, Harvard-trained plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, has performed thousands of corrective or revision procedures after Brazilian buttlift has been attempted by another surgeon or several surgeons.  The BBL revision surgeon is not only an expert at the Brazilian buttlift, but he is able to navigate the scar tissue, dents, and unevenness associated with BBL revision procedures.  After the healing process takes place, the areas of liposuction form scar tunnels that can heal seamlessly if performed perfectly or result in an extremely unpleasant appearance if done incorrectly or in cases of poor healing.  In addition, scar tissue or fat necrosis can develop in the buttock or hips and further complicate the fat transfer process.

The liposuction revision and BBL revision expert is a magician of sorts.  Dr. Kenneth Hughes elevates the scarred liposuction flap so that the flap can be made uniform and smooth.  This correction may involved skin tightening or the use of Bodytite as well.  Dr. Kenneth Hughes was one of the first plastic surgeons to use Bodytite in Los Angeles and southern California.

In addition, Dr. Hughes has created a repertoire of specialized fat transfer techniques to improve both the safety and the efficacy of revision fat grafting procedures.