Dr. Kenneth Hughes is a Bodytite Expert in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills


Dr. Kenneth Hughes performs hundreds of liposuction and Brazilian buttlift surgeries each year.  For decades, the field of plastic and reconstructive has sought an alternative to the larger and longer scars associated with traditional excisional or skin removal surgery. While these surgeries produce dramatic results and achieve smoother contours for patients, the scars can sometimes be objectionable for patients and surgeons alike. At the heart of cosmetic plastic surgery is the belief that as much should be achieved in contour or appearance with the least invasive approach.

Various energy devices have been advocated in the past for skin tightening purposes in the hopes of providing this less invasive alternative. While heat is frequently the final common pathway to effect tightening of the tissues, the method of delivery and the efficacy as well as potential side effects incurred have not been optimized.

Bodytite has been introduced to the market recently and promises something different with regard to its methodology. In the past, the energy delivery systems have been monopolar devices – one pole with dispersal of energy from that one point. This had two downsides – energy dissipation with distance and inability to focus energy to improve efficacy of treatment. Bodytite is a bipolar energy delivery device in which the energy is focused between the two poles to concentrate the effect and to effectively measure the temperature achieved. This is critical to both achieving the maximal contraction of tissues without suffering massive burns due to inability to regulate temperature. Thus, efficacy is improved and side effects are minimized.

Dr. Kenneth Hughes is quick to point out that Bodytite does not reproduce the tightness of an excisional procedure or that everyone is an appropriate candidate for Bodytite. Tissue contraction will not reproduce the results of excisional surgery, and patient expectations should be managed accordingly. Bodytite is also not without potential complications. Burns are still an inevitable result of a thermal device in some situations.

However, Dr. Kenneth Hughes now performs hundreds of these Bodytite procedures each year on the tummies, arms, thighs, bra rolls, and other areas of skin laxity for patients from around the world. The vast majority of these patients are very happy with the improvement in skin tightness and the minimal scarring. This technology has opened up an avenue of improvement for patients who otherwise would have refused the larger scars of traditional surgery.

Dr. Kenneth Hughes has used this technology to improve the skin quality in areas of liposuction.  Also, Bodytite can be used to help tighten the buttock skin envelope in patients who have loose skin but do not want the larger scars of excisional surgery.  Dr. Hughes will utilize any type of surgical technique to achieve the best results for an individual patient.  The fat transfer procedure to the butt and hips (the Brazilian buttlift or BBL) is just one procedure that is helpful to transform an individual’s physique.