Dr. Kenneth Hughes’s thinner patients are always concerned that there may not be enough fat or the fat transfer or BBL, Brazilian buttlift procedure.   Dr. Hughes is an expert at thinner patient liposuction and thinner patient Brazilian buttlift.  So this is hardly ever an issue for his patients.  For the patients who are too thin or who prefer butt implants, Dr. Hughes can place butt implants as he has done for hundreds of patients.   Patients who are thinner and who do not want butt implants often ask about fat substitutes or fat from other people for injection.
Fat from anyone else other than an identical twin or similar would cause tissue rejection like any other organ transplant.  Renuva is donor fat depleted of its antigenicity and just functions as a scaffolding.  The idea is that the body’s own cells will grow into it to volumize the matrix.  The extent to which this occurs is relatively unknown and is certainly unpredictable.  Renuva itself contains no fat cells and thus has no ability to achieve revascularization.
Renuva, like Sculptra, is added in small volumetric aliquots to improve small volumetric areas, dents, divots, etc.  The treatment is short and similar to Sculptra treatment.
Renuva is not reversible, like an HA filler, and thus is similar to Sculptra in this respect as well.  Renuva will probably require multiple treatments like Sculptra for optimal filling and results.
Renuva treatment may be about $3000 or so, and is really very similar in its possible use for butt augmentation as Sculptra or any other filler.
Dr. Kenneth Hughes would not recommend Renuva for any form of butt augmentation as its efficacy is extremely poor when compared to BBL or butt implants.  It may appropriate for minor improvements.  However, small fat transfers would be every bit as effective if not more as Renuva or Sculptra.
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