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Why Do Patients from the US Seek Medical Care or Plastic Surgery in Other Countries?

  Dangers of Medical Tourism Fiona Rutherford published in Bloomberg on March 17, 2023 an article about the dangers of medical tourism.  Many of the arguments against medical tourism are issues that have long been known about medical tourism.  However, there are some twists.  Many have probably heard about the 4 Americans who traveled to […]

Subdermal Method vs Subcutaneous Method for Brazilian Buttlift

Dr. Kenneth Hughes switched to a subdermal method of transferring fat to the buttocks and hips in 2015.   During that 9+ years of the subdermal method no fat emboli have occurred.  The subdermal method utilizes a blunt large cannula that is placed directly under the skin so that the tip is constantly visualized.  In other […]

Shape up with a Brazilian buttlift in Los Angeles with Dr. Kenneth Hughes, Top Rated Plastic Surgeon

Aging Effects and a Brazilian Buttlift in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills Although they say age is just a number, the effects of age can be very clearly visible on your body.  Sagging skin, wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging breasts and buttocks are some common signs of aging. Many people experience problems with self-esteem and […]